Custom sawmilling and cabin service

Lumber prices this season are the highest we've seen since we started building in Idaho eight years ago. The pressure on the market is many-fold: migration from city to country COVID shutdowns of segments of the building industry crazy speculation building. It's pricing people out of the market, but if you have an acreage, you have a resource - your trees!

Our Norwood mobile sawmill can saw lumber in lengths up to 20', and trees with a diameter of approximately 36". We can make anything you can think of: dimensional building lumber, beams, siding, 1x's for shiplap or trim, and log cabin logs. We can saw any variety of trees - pine, spruce, cedar, cottonwood, aspen - only limited by your acreage and imagination.

How about this load of milled beams and dimensional lumber (above)? After it dries, it will be ready to build that home, garage, or pole building. Or, 1x's for that custom, vaulted ceiling (below).